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Weinhardt Online class.jpg
A woman sits kneeled over on a couch looking at a laptop screen while a small black & white dog sleeps behind her.

6.dorm mirror.jpg
Illuminated mirror fragments against dark background with a line across it matching the one in the reflection.

1.smoky egg.jpg
A hand holding an egg shell with smoke coming out of a small hole at the top of the egg.

2.bathroom splash.jpg
A puddle reflecting on a checkered square tile bathroom floor.

3.dead bird.jpg
A dead bird sits atop of a wooden bench.

5.abounded dorm.jpg
An overturned chair is seen through a slatted window blinds.

PE Under A Pandemic - Marilyn Lucas.jpg
LC student taking a picture of the street as part of their PE class.

274C6BD5-D413-4D5C-A5C8-7F809984D718 - Nick Gothard.jpg
Lewis & Clark's reflecting pool and Frank Manor house in the midst of dark yellow orange smoke.

9242CC0B-099A-416A-B668-DC3905E1DC64 - Meghan Blandon.jpeg
A laptop, with an open document in progress, sits on a low-lit table in front of a box of tissues, a succulent plants, and a Post-It note reading "Life is Beautiful."

_DSC7692 - Evan Yerian.jpg
A partial self-portrait visualizes the white light reflected in the mirror.
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