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Floyd Introspection.jpg
Self portrait of a man sitting in a chair, holding a piece of his hair and gazing out in the distance.

Goff Burn out.jpg
A screen with a low battery symbol along with a lamp sits on top of a table, littered with lightbulbs. Light bulbs are also scattered on the floor below the table.

Johnson Orange.jpg
Fiery orange sky behind a large tree on L&C campus.

Kramer Clouds.jpeg
A square window on a blank ceiling, with a light blue sky and tree peeking out from the corner.

Davydov 4 Self-Portrait.jpg
A person looking over their shoulder, with the shadow of their open eyes over closed ones.

Lind-MacMillan Stats cat.jpeg
Black cat sitting in a ball on top of an open notebook,
surrounded by books, papers, a water bottle, a mechanical pencil, and a hairclip.

Markowitz Jesus would.jpg
Four L&C students stand in front of a mural that reads, "What would Jesus do? He would love everyone!"

Nece Goodbye Halloween.jpeg
Squirrel eating a pumpkin on the stairs of Odell Hall.

Nowatka March Double Duty.jpg
A woman doing embroidery in her room while also on two Zoom calls, one on a laptop and another on a cell phone.

Puha Consumed.jpeg
Grey-orange sky behind the sign for Fred Meyer.
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